Shampoo Cleaning

Every year or two, you need to have your carpets, rugs and upholstery professionally cleaned. This full-scale cleaning can even include your home’s tile and grout for a deep, unbeatable clean throughout your entire house or apartment.
Green Carpet Brooklyn would be honored to be the company you trust for carpet shampoo cleaning, steam cleaning and more. Give us a call and see how our services are geared toward meeting the needs of Brooklyn’s cleanliest clients!

An Effective Carpet Cleaning Method

Shampooing is the best option for noticeably soiled carpets because it reaches deep into the fibers like steam cleaning, but it also uses agitation from our industrial equipment to break static connections between the fibers and tough dirt and grime.

The Carpet Shampoo Process

Customers are often curious about the professional carpet cleaning method, so here it is:

  • Pre-treatment and stain removal

We have powerful yet non-harmful pre-treaters that we can apply to the worst stains. This product may need to sit for some time, or we might be able to begin your cleaning immediately, depending on several factors.

  • Shampoo

When we shampoo carpet, we generate lots of suds! The shampoo lubricates carpet fibers to prevent damage from the brushes from damaging them.

  • Rinse

The fibers need to be thoroughly rinsed so that no excess soap residue is left behind. This prevents dirt and stains from sticking to the carpet fibers even more easily when we’re done.

  • Dry

We have industrial fans and drying equipment that can cut the time it takes for your carpet to dry in half! Opening a window isn’t the best method for drying carpets since the outside humidity can play a big part.

How You’ll Know the Job Was Done Right

Anyone can make your carpet look good. Even a rented machine and a first-time carpet cleaner can get pretty good results initially. However, you’ll soon see if the carpet was cleaned the right way.
Here are some signs that your carpet wasn’t thoroughly cleaned:

  • Stains mysteriously resurface

Stains that make it all the way to the carpet backing can be wicked up into the fibers after cleaning to show themselves again shortly after cleaning. Your Brooklyn carpet cleaner needs to get to the root of the stain to make it go away for good.

  • The fabric feels hard

Traditional shampooing and green carpet cleaning methods should leave your carpet soft and replenished, but if shampoo remains in the fibers, they will be stiff and uncomfortable to the touch.

  • Your carpet doesn’t stay clean for long

If shampoo residue is left inside the carpet fibers, all it will do is attract more dirt and grime, which will make your carpet look dirty again really soon.
If you choose green carpet cleaners in Brooklyn, make sure it’s one that comes with high recommendations and ratings from a variety of sources! Look for these specific things in those reviews, and if you see that the company provides these kinds of results, keep looking!

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