Rug Cleaning
Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights is well-known among tourists because it’s located near many NYC attractions. However, beyond museums and botanical gardens, you’ll find classic brownstone homes and charming family-owned shops.

Green Carpet Brooklyn has the expert knowledge to give your carpet the cleaning of a lifetime. We’re 100% prepared by our years of experience to tackle anything you throw at us, from pet stains to carpets that have never been professionally cleaned. Rug cleaning Prospect Heights can trust is our business, and we always aim to please!

We’ll give you a thorough estimate before we begin, including our honest opinion about whether or not your rug or carpet can be restored to its original appearance. In many cases it can, but if we don’t think it’s possible, we’re always straightforward with our Prospect Heights customers.

DIY Carpet Cleaning: The Facts

We provide Oriental rug cleaning Prospect Heights always comes back to. A mixture of honest and excellent service is what has kept us in business, and those are two things we’ll never stop providing.

If DIY carpet cleaning was as good as professional service, we’d tell you. But there are many facts about do-it-yourself carpet cleaning that separate it from expert cleaning.

  1. It saturates the carpet so that it is extremely hard to dry out.
  2. Rental or commercial equipment isn’t as powerful as what the pros use.
  3. Learning how to use the equipment will take longer than you expect. 

By the time you master the technique, a professional carpet cleaning company could have already done the job better, and it won’t end up costing much more than the rental and supplies for you to do it yourself.

Carpet Cleaning and Your Indoor Air Quality

Rug cleaning Prospect Heights homes need is about making your home look great, but it’s also a chance to purify the air in your home. Indoor air quality is very important if you have allergies or other breathing conditions, but it can affect anyone if it is poor enough.

Low air quality is caused by dust, pollen, mold and mildew in the air. These microscopic particles can settle on upholstery, carpets and rugs, only to be stirred up again every time someone sits on them or walks across.

Your HVAC filter can remove some of the allergens in the air, and, in fact, most types are very effective. However, their effectiveness also depends on how often they are changed and the amount of air passing through at any given time. Carpet cleaning is piece of the air quality puzzle within your home. The less work your air filters have to do, the more effective they can be.

If you or a family member has a respiratory condition, it’s very important to have your carpets cleaned yearly, or even more frequently if the issues are severe.