Rug Cleaning
Bay Ridge

Green Carpet Brooklyn offers rug cleaning Bay Ridge resident love. From amazing prices to fast service, there are many reasons why we’re the professional rug cleaners that more people call than any other!

Bay Ridge may only represent a 3-square-mile section of Brooklyn, but it’s a vibrant, bustling neighborhood nonetheless. Over 80,000 inhabitants call Bay Ridge home, and with over 100 community organizations, the community manages to maintain the small town vibes it’s famous for. And the area boasts a great view of the Upper Hudson Bay.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Green Carpet Brooklyn takes Oriental rug care very seriously. But we’re concerned about a lot more than home accents and flooring! We also have a heart for the environment, a concern that has lead us to become one of Bay Ridge’s only green carpet cleaning companies.

Oriental rug cleaning Bay Ridge has traditionally had available was done with harsh chemicals and produced large amounts of waste water, but now, with greener carpet cleaning practices, homes get just as clean, but the environment is better protected from toxic chemicals. We are also mindful of the amount of water that is used during our cleaning services, as well as responsible disposal methods.

Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning practices include modern hot water extraction techniques and our safest cleaning method yet, steam cleaning. With this technique, we are able to use very little water heated to over 212 degrees Fahrenheit so that it produces steam. This steam is then used to penetrate your carpet’s fibers to loosen dirt and debris, which can then be vacuumed out.

Professional Rug and Carpet Care

For the best rug cleaning Bay Ridge can get, it has to be done professionally. Having an expert team take care of your carpet from year to year is the only way to ensure that it will last as long as the warranty guaranteed you that it would.

Older carpets come alive again after professional carpet cleaning, so even if you did not install the carpet new, you can still enjoy many beautiful years. When moving into a new house or apartment, we highly recommend having the carpets cleaned. Not only will your floors look beautiful, but you’ll also see a difference in the way it feels, as well as the air quality in your new home.

There’s no comparison between do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and professional services. Expert care for your Oriental rugs and indoor carpet is an absolute must! When you clean carpet yourself, it’s inevitable that you will use too much water, which can lead to mold and mildew growth, difficulty getting the carpet fully dry, and potential water damage to your sub-flooring.

To avoid all these disastrous consequences, develop a relationship with a professional carpet cleaner, preferably one who is nearby, who can give your carpet and valuable rugs the prompt, thorough care they will need in the years to come.