Rug Cleaning
Dyker Heights

If you want your rugs and carpets cleaned professionally, Green Carpet Brooklyn is the best number to call! With many different service options, we offer the rug cleaning Dyker Heights wants because our results are indisputable.

Here in historically Italian Dyker Heights, residents plan for their well known Christmas lights display all year long, but in the hustle and bustle of getting the exterior of their homes ready, they can’t ignore the inside chores that need to be done. Yearly professional carpet cleaning is just one of them! in this quiet community, that only draws a crowd for a few weeks around the holidays, don’t forget that you have an expert carpet cleaning team on your side all year long!

Steam Carpet Cleaning for Rugs

Delicate Persian and Oriental rugs need special care. For that reason, we do a thorough inspection before every Oriental rug cleaning Dyker Heights customers request. Many times, we find damages that need to be repaired before cleaning services can be done.

Steam cleaning is a good choice for older rugs. In fact, any rug or carpet that you’d like to be treated with an extra-gentle touch can undergo steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is different from hot water extraction methods. While both are effective, hot water extraction is a little more invasive, although completely safe for carpets and rugs.

There are several other reasons to choose steam cleaning for your rugs besides it being the gentlest cleaning method. For instance, rugs that have been steam cleaned dry much faster, and the process requires far less water, which is a plus for the environment!

Avoiding Carpet Stains

We provide rug cleaning Dyker Heights homeowners need in order to prevent stains from becoming permanent. If you own a valuable rug – or an inexpensive one that you just happen to love – you need to know the steps to take to care for your rug until we can get there to remove the stain altogether.

First, blot a spill with a dry towel, white if possible so there is no color transfer. Second, remove particles that may be in the area by hand or with a vacuum cleaner, careful not to push particles deeper into the rug fibers. Finally, call a professional to remove the stain! Any other actions, such as putting water, peroxide, or stain removers on a rug or your carpet could either set the stain for good or cause the fibers to be permanently discolored.

Spills and accidents will happen regardless of how much you try to protect your carpet and rugs. If you already follow our advice and have your carpets cleaned annually, you probably don’t want to have to call us to remove a stain in between scheduled carpet cleanings. But a professional cleaning is the only way to make sure the stain is gone for good.