Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rug cleaning is an eco-friendly service offered by Green Carpet Brooklyn that is well worth your time and money! If you have invested in a handmade Oriental rug, you need to put the same care into the rug’s yearly maintenance.
Trust us with your Persian rug, and you won’t be sorry! Our service is second to none, and you’ll never get accustomed to the total restoration your rug will undergo with every single green carpet cleaning by Green Carpet Brooklyn!

Characteristics of an Authentic Persian Rug

Before a company blindly takes on a Persian rug cleaning service, they need to have background knowledge of these stunning hand woven rugs. Otherwise, you could end up less-than-thrilled with the results.
Oriental and Persian rugs are known for the wide variety of patterns and colors to create rugs of many different sizes. A select few knot types are used to make these beautiful carpets that originate in Asia. They are still made of dyed wool, as they have been for centuries, and these rugs have a dense pile.
An authentic Persian rug can cost tens of thousands, so it’s important to take the best possible care of such a valuable possession!

Carpet and Rug Cleaning at Its Best

Green Carpet Brooklyn has a reputation for doing great work. This in itself should be incentive enough to choose us, and we certainly hope you do, but in case you’re interested, here’s the ‘why’ behind our high-quality service: 

  • We believe in giving customers more than they expect in every area.
  • We value Oriental and Persian rugs for the same reasons you do – their one-of-a-kind beauty and the deep history associated with them.
  • We want to prove that quality rug care can be found right here in Brooklyn.
    If you’re ready for a different kind of rug cleaner, you’ve come to the right place.

Eco-Friendly Rug Care at Your Fingertips

A final tenant of our business model that is a topic within itself – the desire to provide environmentally safe rug cleaning services. Brooklyn rug owners made it clear that protecting the planet is important to them, so choosing a company that uses green carpet cleaning methods is the next obvious step.
Eco-friendly rug care is made up of 2 equal components:


  • Non-chemical products – Green carpet cleaning begins with the products we use. We have access to the best organics in the industry, making them safe for your family as well as the world around you! Using green cleaning products is also easy on carpet and rug fibers as well.


  • Mindful cleaning practices – We use as little water as necessary to clean carpets and responsibly dispose of waste water when we are finished. Although organic products don’t pose as great a risk, we avoid exposing plants and animals to them. 

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