Area Rug Cleaning

Looking for area rug cleaning that’s both environmentally responsible and 100% effective? Green Carpet Brooklyn can give you the best of both worlds!
We don’t believe this is an either-or scenario. You can have reliable service that’s also mindful of the environment. Between our organic products and safe disposal of excess water, Green Carpet Brooklyn is doing our part to keep our city and our planet beautiful!
Call us today if you’re curious to see if organic carpet cleaning can provide the same results as traditional methods!

Safe, Gentle Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning requires attention to the smallest details. That’s why we inspect rugs thoroughly before we begin cleaning. If we identify any damage, it should be repaired before any type of rug cleaning takes place in order to prevent further damage.
Once the inspection is complete, we begin the cleaning process. Beginning and ending with careful transportation, your Oriental or Persian rug will be treated like a priceless work of art from beginning to end!
Steam Cleaning Versus Shampooing
If you opt for rug steam cleaning (the most popular option), there is very little actual contact with your rug during the cleaning process since the powerful steam does most of the work.
In instances where rug shampoo services must be used, you can be sure that 1) our products are non-toxic and chemical free and 2) that the agitation used to release stubborn particles will not damage the rug’s fibers!
In either case, your rug will receive the care you expect from a green carpet cleaning company!

Good for All Types of Area Rugs

Green Carpet Brooklyn recommends that you have area rugs cleaned every year to two years, depending on the amount of dirt and particles that they are exposed to. For example, a rug in the bedroom is going to see far less use than one in the living or dining area.
If you’re unsure about the frequency with which you should be cleaning your area rugs, consult an expert for an evaluation and a recommended cleaning schedule.
We can clean rugs of all types and sizes, from expensive, irreplaceable treasures to eclectic flea market finds!

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process

Area rug cleaning always begins with an inspection, as described above. Once this is done, we’ll steam clean your rug with the following process. If a more aggressive cleaning method is required, you’ll be notified before cleaning begins.

  • Vacuum

Even though you vacuum regularly, there will still be particles lodged deep in the fibers that your residential vacuum cleaner can’t release. Our industrial machines remove a great deal of these particles before cleaning, so they are not simply spread to other areas of the rug.

  • Stain Treatment

Any noticeable stains will be treated with non-toxic, eco-friendly stain removers to get a head start on stains that may go deep into the fibers, possibly all the way to the backing.

  • Hot Water Extraction

The main part of rug steam cleaning is actually done with hot water. The steam is just the visible result of what’s happening beneath the surface! Our equipment forcefully apples this hot water to your rug, then powerful suction tools remove it, brining dirt and other particles with it.

This method is less abrasive than shampooing, and that’s why it is preferred in most cases.

As an environmentally minded company, we dispose of the used water safely so as not to contaminate drinking water and natural water sources.

  • Final Inspection

The rug should only take a few hours to dry since there is little moisture left behind. During and after drying, we inspect the rug again to ensure that stains were removed and no damage has been done before returning it to your home.
By following this tried-and-true method, we have earned many loyal Brooklyn customers over the years! Our service and our results are undeniable!

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