Rug Cleaning

Green Carpet Brooklyn is a professional carpet cleaner available to the Flatbush area. We currently serve hundreds of happy customers, and that group could easily include you! For rug cleaning Flatbush demands, call Green Carpet Brooklyn!

Flatbush, located in the center of Brooklyn, makes for an easy to commute to Manhattan. That, along with the wide range of home styles in many price ranges, has given way to a very diverse community. In Flatbush, there are always people always buzzing about in a neighborly fashion, making it a little more up-tempo that some of Brooklyn’s other residential communities.

How to Handle Carpet and Rug Stains

Our Flatbush customers are always asking us how they can get rid of carpet stains themselves. We understand that it may save a few bucks to scrub your rug with a commercial stain remover and hope for the best, but it could be doing irreparable damage to your priceless family heirloom!

The active ingredients in most spray stain removers that you can buy at the store are chemicals that could fade your rug. At best, they will remove the surface stain, but they can’t reach down in the fibers where the rest of your stain may be hiding, only to resurface later when the fabric wicks it back up. And if you do get the cleaner way down into the carpet fibers, there’s virtually no way for a homeowner to completely remove the soap and chemical residue left behind.

If you haven’t guessed already, Oriental rug cleaning Flatbush customers can request from professional cleaners is the only way to thoroughly remove a carpet or rug stain!

Cleaners like Green Carpet Brooklyn have the right equipment to handle all types of rugs and carpets, as well as all types of stains! We can remove anything from red wine to pet urine. The key to completely removing a stain is to call your carpet cleaning team as soon as possible, before it has a chance to set into your carpet fibers.

Green Carpet Cleaning Methods

The rug cleaning Flatbush demands is not only good for their carpet or rug, but it’s also environmentally friendly.

Taking care of our surroundings is the responsibility of every individual and business. Carpet cleaners are doing their part by offering greener cleaning methods. Two of them are hot water extraction and steam cleaning.

The hot water extraction method is done with soap and water that is between 100 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. We push hot water into the carpet fibers with powerful jets and remove it with equally powerful vacuums.

Steam cleaning uses only steam to break up particles in the carpet fibers without saturating them.

Both of these methods are considered environmentally mindful because they use less water that old carpet cleaning methods, and both can be done using all organic cleaners.