Rug Cleaning

Green Carpet Brooklyn can handle any carpet cleaning needs that our Midwood customers may have. We clean rugs, carpets, upholstery, and more. When you’re looking for rug cleaning Midwood approves of, start with Green Carpet Brooklyn!

In Midwood, you’ll find young professionals, families and a wide variety of other residents, probably due to the various housing options. Overall, the neighborhood is rated very highly among NYC neighborhoods. A little known secret of Midwood: it’s historically been home to many Orthodox Jews, so delicious kosher restaurants are around every corner!

Hot Water Extraction

The most common type of rug cleaning Midwood customers are familiar with is hot water extraction. It is generally considered to be the best carpet and rug cleaning method. To clean with hot water, the water can’t be too hot. Otherwise, it will melt carpet fibers or backing in some rugs and carpets. Maximum temperature is around 150 degrees.

First, we pre-treat the carpet with stain removers. Then, we sometimes use an agitator to break up particles before shampooing. Finally, we’ll apply the hot water.

This water is sprayed into the carpet and then immediately vacuumed out so that it does not settle under the carpet. For hot water extraction rug cleaning, we may also take your Oriental rug back to our facility so that it can be stretched and dried properly.

Our hot water extraction service is one of our green cleaning methods that we’re proud to offer our Midwood customers.

Steam Cleaning

The other green carpet cleaning method that you can choose for rugs and carpets is steam cleaning. It comes as no surprise that this method is gentler because it only uses steam to clean carpets.

The Oriental rug cleaning Midwood customers get from us can be totally touch free, which gives them peace of mind when they put a valuable family treasure in our hands!

In this cleaning process, steam is forced into the fibers with powerful jets, but no vacuuming is needed since there is very little moisture to be removed. Over the course of a few hours, your steam cleaned carpets can be completely dry.

When it comes to making a decision between hot water extraction and steam cleaning for Oriental rugs, either will give you outstanding results. At Green Carpet Brooklyn, we’ve made a concerted effort to make both processes both economical and eco-friendly for our customers.

It’s generally accepted in the industry that hot water extraction is a slightly better cleaning method as long as it’s done by a pro. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is never a good idea, though, because it is very hard to remove all the water from your carpets.

In the end, choose the carpet cleaning method that you feel the most comfortable with. As long as you have chosen an experienced company, either one will provide you with the clean carpets you desire!