Commercial and Office Disinfection

Disinfecting commercial and public places is extremely necessary these days. We play our part to prevent the outbreak by providing absolutely 100% Eco-Friendly commercial disinfection services in NYC. If you own a retail store, warehouse, office building, or any commercial space, contact Green Carpet Brooklyn to get your space disinfected and free of virus and bacteria.

Why Chose Us?

  • Complete Disinfection
  • We make sure to provide complete disinfection to your property. You must carry out regular cleaning, but it isn’t enough for thorough disinfection to prevent the spread of the virus. We make sure to disinfect every compact and tight space where cleaning isn’t easy for you.
  • Inexpensive
  • Commercial disinfection is worth investing in, especially during a pandemic. You can’t afford to continue operations without disinfecting your commercial property.  While there is a hike in the cost of sanitizers, cleaning products, and services, we provide budget-friendly commercial disinfection services.
  • Additional Services
  • We understand that all commercial properties have different requirements for cleaning and disinfection. This is why we are open to listening to any of your suggestions and special requirements.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • We provide Eco-Friendly disinfection and sterilization to your premises. Depending upon the conditions and cleanliness of the commercial building, we opt for different disinfection and sterilization methods. We use little to no chemicals and leave a minimum impact on the environment.

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