Rug Cleaning

Did you think that fast, reliable, eco-friendly carpet cleaning was impossible to find? At Green Carpet Brooklyn, we’re making the dream of so many of our customers a reality, today and every day! Our services are everything you would want them to be, everything you have come to expect, but the added touch of making these services greener makes them the rug cleaning Bushwick customers are raving about!

Bushwick is a diverse neighborhood that is known as a really cool place to live these days. One clue that the community is something a little different is the eclectic street art that can be seen everywhere, sponsored by local businesses and provided by ambitious local artists. There are a wide range of restaurants, including Venezuelan and Columbian specialty restaurants.

Green Carpet Cleaners in Bushwick

There are many traditional companies offering traditional rug cleaning Bushwick has come to know well. The problem with carpet cleaning practices of the past is that they utilize cleaning products that are laden with chemicals that are potentially harmful to humans and animals.

That’s why Green Carpet Brooklyn has made the concerted effort to be an environmentally friendly option for Bushwick carpet cleaning.

We use hot water extraction and steam cleaning– two of the most eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques currently available – to clean carpets with the same thoroughness that you’re used to with strong chemicals.

The benefits of using green carpet cleaning practices are undeniable. In your home, you’ll breathe easier knowing that children and pets are safe from skin rashes and breathing conditions that can be caused by exposure to chemical residue. Knowing that we’re doing our part to keep Bushwick customers and their families safe is incredibly important to us, and green carpet cleaning practices help us achieve that goal.

Carpet Cleaning Done Right!

Oriental rug cleaning Bushwick customers request from us is usually overdue. Few people stay on the recommended schedule of carpet cleaning every year, and truthfully, many homes can go up to 2 to 3 years

As a general rule, though, your carpet or Oriental rug should be cleaned every year in order to keep them looking pristine. It’s a common misconception that newer carpets don’t need to be cleaned. If you wait until your carpets look dirty, they have already absorbed much more dirt and grime than you can actually see. Getting to the root of the problem all the way down to the carpet backing is difficult, but we can usually remove even ground-in deep dirt and grime.

Our rug cleaning services can keep your new carpets looking that way, rather than acting as a quick fix when you start seeing stains. We can restore severely stained carpet, but it’s a much easier task to keep them clean than it is to reverse years of damage.