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Red hook

Red Hook, a former shipping district, is home to some amazing food vendors, but don’t expect to hop on the train and head to the city in a hurry.. Red Hook has no subway access, but the stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and the area’s small-town feel more than make up for it!

Green Carpet Brooklyn is the premier carpet cleaning company in Brooklyn NY. We have been providing the rug cleaning Red Hook homes need in order to stay clean and looking beautiful for many years. When you want the very best clean for your home, but you don’t’ want to sacrifice the health of your family or the condition of the world around you, green cleaning is the only way to go!

Why Carpet Deodorizers Aren’t Enough

Homeowners who replace their carpets are often shocked to find out how much dirt has accumulated underneath. If you’re an avid user of powdered deodorizers, you need to understand exactly how much of that powder remains in your carpets and rugs because your vacuum cleaner isn’t powerful enough to remove it all.

Deodorizers often just mask odors anyway, instead of truly getting rid of bad smells. Pet odors, anything you track in on your shoes, and cooking smells need to be removed, not just covered up!

When we handle rug cleaning Red Hook residents know the difference right away. Our effective cleaning methods are not only powerful, but they are safe for your family and the environment. We remove the unwanted detergents and chemicals from your carpet along with pollen and dirt, and we give you a real clean and a fresh smell to go along with it.

Carpet Cleaning After Renovation

After you have had work done in your home, it’s important to clean everything thoroughly to remove dust and debris. Some surfaces, such as kitchen countertops, can just be wiped down, but carpet and rugs needs to be deep cleaned in order to remove it all. Vacuuming isn’t going to be enough to remove all the working dust that comes with renovation.

Oriental rug cleaning Red Hook homes need after home renovation projects should be done promptly to prevent small particles from settling in the fibers. As these fibers work their way deeper into the rug, they can actually damage the delicate rug. The sooner the cleaning is done, the better.

To avoid doing irreparable damage to your valuable Oriental rug, you should schedule a cleaning immediately after you have remodeling done to protect your carpets and rugs. The dust that has settled from the construction will not have a chance to get down into the fibers, so they will be very easy to remove, leaving your carpets looking as good as new!