Indian Rug Cleaning

Safeguard Your Legacy: Expert Indian Rug Cleaning by Green Carpet Brooklyn

Rugs that are made in India are known for the complexity of their detailing and design in terms of the patterns there. Additionally, their color is much more saturated and used with a lot of contrast. These are mostly made from hand-knotted yarn. However, these types of Rugs can be pretty tricky and difficult to clean. This is because they are mostly made from materials such as wool or silk. Apart from the back part where all the knitting mostly consists of cotton.

Thankfully, Green Carpet Brooklyn has all the tools required for cleaning all these natural fibres that are being utilized in the making of Indian Carpets and the combination of these natural materials as well. Furthermore, the material which is mostly wool or silk as discussed earlier is also dyed by human effort when it comes to the colouring of these Indian Carpets. This does give a distinctive attribute to these Indian Rugs but they are subject to wear when it comes to cleaning them. For this very reason, a careful approach is required. The kind of approach that we practice here at Green Carpet Brooklyn.

The Skill of Cleansing Indian Rugs

To clean the Indian Rugs that utilize natural materials and fibres. It is essential to respect the fact their quality must be preserved as one Indian Rug takes a lot of human effort to make. Therefore, for this purpose, an utmost level of professionalism and to be utmost careful is required. This is because being sloppy and using low-quality chemicals that are not only harsh but also make your carpet material wear out pretty quickly. For this very reason, we use green and safe cleaning agents here at Green Carpet Brooklyn when it comes to procuring the life of your Indian Rugs. An in-detail step-by-step approach is made to make sure that every rug goes through the same level of detail and hence a quality and consistency control is being kept.


Our professionals here at Green Carpet Brooklyn have been trained to understand the fact that Indian Rugs are not easy to wash and that a careless wash can prove to be much more damaging. Therefore, we aim to provide you with quality and value. Furthermore, as it is a demanding process to clean Indian Rugs, we use the most advanced materials that are also not hard on the natural fibres that are being utilized in the making of these Indian Rugs. Therefore, extra care is taken here at Green Carpet Brooklyn to make sure that your Indian rug’s colours don’t fade away and the softness that is due to the silk being used is being preserved.

The Importance of Professional Indian Rug Cleaning: Protecting Your Investment

Indian rugs are more than just floor coverings; they’re vibrant works of art steeped in rich tradition. From the luxurious sheen of silk rugs to the intricate hand-knotted designs of wool carpets, each piece tells a story. But these very qualities that make them so beautiful also make them delicate.

The Delicate Nature of Indian Rug Fibers:

  • Natural Fibers: Indian rugs are often crafted from natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton. These materials are susceptible to damage from harsh chemicals and improper cleaning techniques.
  • Fragile Dyes: The vibrant colors that bring Indian rugs to life are achieved using natural dyes. These dyes can bleed or fade if exposed to harsh cleaning solutions or excessive heat.
  • Hand-Woven Construction: Many Indian rugs are meticulously hand-woven. This intricate construction requires gentle handling to avoid damaging the foundation or loosening the knots.

Risks of Harsh Cleaning Methods:

  • DIY Disasters: At-home cleaning methods with harsh chemicals or excessive scrubbing can lead to color bleeding, fiber breakage, and permanent damage to your rug.
  • Fading Beauty: Harsh cleaning solutions can strip away the natural oils that protect the rug’s fibers, leading to a dull and lifeless appearance.
  • Shrinking and Warping: Improper drying techniques, like using excessive heat or direct sunlight, can cause your rug to shrink or warp, compromising its shape and structure.

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We understand the sentimental value and cultural significance of Indian rugs.  That’s why we offer a gentle yet effective cleaning service that will leave your rug looking its absolute best.

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