Carpet Moth Removal

Your carpet at home is very much in hot water if moths have decided to settle down in the former’s fabric. A carpet moth has the damage-inducing ability to chew through the fabric of the rug. This leaves behind conspicuous holes all over the surface, and the carpet is completely spoilt. People generally tend to discard away their carpet when it suffers the same fate. However, doing this is not necessary since the advent of carpet moth removal solutions. Get in touch with Green Carpet Brooklyn as we excel at providing moth removal services.

What Are Carpet Moth Removal Services?

Carpets, especially those made of silk or wool, are some of the carpet moths’ favorite breeding areas. Keratin molecules are a key component in the fibers of these carpets. Carpet moths rely on these molecules for their nutrients. As the moths feed and grow, they lay their eggs as well. As a result, the moth population keeps on expanding with devastating consequences.

This is where organic carpet moth removal services come into play. Not only do these services eradicate the moth and larvae present in the carpet, but they also use minimal water to conserve resources. Moreover, organic moth removal solutions reduce the need for harmful cleaning solvents. Using such solvents negatively affects the environment and leads to various health problems like respiratory diseases. Prevention is always better than cure so reach out to Green Carpet Brooklyn today to get your carpets organically cleaned

Carpet Moth Removal Cleaning Process

As global warming has become a grave concern in today’s world, people are constantly encouraged to employ the use of green practices. Green Carpet Brooklyn is a strong proponent of using organic practices and is widely known for offering organic moth removal services. They make sure not to add any toxic compounds in their cleaning agents that might release lethal chemicals.

Alternately, you can also do the carpet moth removal cleaning yourself. A high-powered vacuum is used for this purpose. You can very easily purchase a green and eco-friendly vacuum cleaner if you are an environmentally conscious individual.

Vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to prevent moth and larvae infestation. Apart from the carpet itself, be sure to hoover extensively in all the cracks and crevices around the moth-infested carpet. Carpet moths look for such hidden spots to lay their eggs. After the hovering is complete, do not forget to get rid of the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag as soon as possible.

Although frequent vacuuming is an effective strategy to keep the carpet moths at bay, it is always strongly recommended to engage the services of professional companies such as Green Carpet Brooklyn. Doing this will definitely yield better results as Green Carpet Brooklyn has buckets of experience in carpet moth removal.

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