10x14 Area Rug Cleaning

10×14 area rugs are a great investment to add an aesthetic appeal to your room. These rugs work as an air filter, but they require constant cleaning and restoration as they accumulate dust and dirt. A standard vacuum cleaner can help with the cleaning process. But when the contaminants cling onto the fibers, complete cleaning is not possible.

Many homeowners use cleaning agents and chemicals to eliminate the harmful contaminants from the rugs. Harmful cleaning solutions damage the fibers and dye, which fades the color and beauty of the rugs. Therefore, consulting a professional rug cleaning company such as Green Carpet Brooklyn can help preserve the rug. In this post, we will share some effective methods that 10×14 area rug cleaning services use for deep cleaning.

Area Rug Damaging Factors

Before that you should know some common factors that damage the rugs:

1. Pollutants

Allergens such as dirt, pollen, and pet dander are stuck in the area rug. These pollutants cause allergic reactions such as skin allergies and asthma. Since these contaminants enter deep inside the fibers, they are hard to clean at home. Therefore, you should consult with expert cleaning services such as Green Carpet Brooklyn for deep cleaning. Our professionals use advanced tools and products to remove pollutants from fibers. As a result, you can stay safe from allergic reactions and other health issues.

2. Dust Mites

Dust mites are microorganisms that are not visible from naked eyes. They thrive under warm temperatures and feed on woolen fibers. Droppings from these organisms cause skin allergies and pollute the air inside the house. Removing these contaminants from deep cleaning is highly necessary, especially if your family member has respiratory diseases.

3. Mold

Mold growth inside the carpet is another issue that you can deal with deep cleaning. Hiring a professional rug cleaning service can help to remove mold spores. Highly trained rug cleaning companies use proven techniques to eliminate mold from rug fibers.

4. Insects and Larvae

Insects can cause massive damage to the rugs, especially carpet beetles and moths. In most cases, rugs lay eggs in natural fibers such as silk and wool. The larvae eat fibers that cause damage to the rug fibers.

5. Moisture

Moisture is another damaging factor of the rug that weakens the fibers. When the fibers get in touch with moisture, they tend to rot. Therefore, you should keep the rug in safe and dry places. When you place flower pots above the rugs, they require deep cleaning more often. Also, adding the rug in the bathroom and near the kitchen sink increases the risks of mold growth. To maintain the health of the rug, you need to get it cleaned before it is too late.

Why Do You Need 10x14 Area Rug Cleaning Services?

Green Carpet Brooklyn has skilled and experienced technicians for effective inspection and deep cleaning. They will inspect, dust, clean, and dry the rug without using damaging tools and agents. If you feel that the air inside your home is hard to breathe, you can contact our team and they will visit your home for rapid inspection.

How Green Carpet Brooklyn Deep Clean the Rugs?

While looking for a professional rug cleaning service in Brooklyn, you need to ensure that they handle the job properly. Regular carpet cleaning machines are ineffective and cause severe damage to the rug fibers. Therefore, you should consult a professional rug cleaning service.

Green Carpet Brooklyn has highly trained and experienced rug cleaners in Brooklyn. They have extensive experience in rug cleaning and restoration. Therefore, giving your rug in their hand for deep cleaning would be the best decision. Whether you want to remove insect, bacteria, and dust mites infestation, or remove stains from your rug, you should give us a call.

To help you understand the quality of service we offer in your neighborhood, you should look at the steps we go through while cleaning the rug.

Step 1: Pick-up and Delivery

When you contact Green Carpet Brooklyn for rug cleaning and restoration, we will send our qualified team for initial inspection and pick-up. When our team arrives at your home, they will carefully analyze the rug for the damage. They use high-quality tools to identify the contaminants. While examining the rug, they will list the problems and cover the rug with a protective pad. That way they can safely transfer the rug to our restoration facility for deep cleaning.

Step 2: Detailed Inspection

When the rug arrives in our facility, a professional technician will again inspect the rug for further issues. They will check the rug material, condition, and color quality. Also, they will mark the moth damage, stains, and other damaged areas. Furthermore, they also inspect the fibers to spot any wear and tear.
After writing the damage, they will choose the best cleaning techniques for proper care. For instance, if the rug color bleeds, they won’t use chemicals that cause further damage. Keep in mind that various rug materials require different treatments. Once the technicians collect the entire information about the damage, they will start the cleaning process.

Step 3: Cleaning Method

A professional rug cleaning service such as Green Carpet Brooklyn cleans the rugs individually. That way they can offer maximum care to each rug. This prevents dye bleed and other damage to the rug. Our team only uses a proven rug cleaning agent to remove contaminants from deep inside the fibers.

Step 4: Dusting

The dusting method depends on the rug type and level of the soil. The technician will use notes to understand the overall health condition of the rug. Methods such as forced air dusting, harmonic vibration, and tumble dusting are some effective techniques.

Step 5: Guaranteed Odor Control

In this step, a professional rug cleaning technician will check for pet urine or feces. When pet damage enters inside the fibers, surface cleaning won’t help. That’s when technicians will use deep-cleaning techniques to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. We use pet odor control treatment to clean pet urine or feces.

Step 6: Rug and Fringes Cleaning

For deep rug cleaning, our professional rug cleaners will clean all three sides, which include the front, back, and foundation. Our professional rug cleaning service will efficiently clean all three sides with proper care. This means they use proven cleaning agents to prevent further damage. We have a wash floor specifically designed for deep rug cleaning.
Once our professional technicians clean the rug, they wash and brush the fringes. Also, they use shampoo and other grooming products and rinse with water until clean water runs through the fringes.

Step 7: Flushing/Spinning the Rug

Our technicians also use a spinner that rotates at about 1,500 RPM to eliminate extra residue from the rug. They spin the rug for two minutes to prevent damage to the fibers. The spinner also contains holes that flush out and drain the water.
When the spinning process completes, our technician will hang the rug in the sunlight. This removes excess water from the rug and prevents mildew growth.
Professionals don’t use spinners for fragile rugs. Instead, they will use the brushing technique to remove residue and additional dusting. Then they will use the air pressure technique to remove water from the rug.

Step 8: Final Touches

The cleaning process also includes an additional process to enhance the quality of the rugs. This includes fiber conditioning, dusting, and hand grooming. In this step, they will use area rug polish for color improvement. After they are done with final touch-ups, they will trim the fringes to revive the aesthetic look of the rug.

Step 9: Final Inspection

After completing the cleaning, drying, and touching, our technician will again inspect the rug for remaining stains and other damages. If they notice any damage, they will rework the rug until it meets the standard.
Now, the technician will check the notes from pre and detailed inspection, they will make sure that every issue is resolved. Since our main goal is to revive the rug’s condition and bring back the original condition; we will do whatever it takes for that. We will check issues like color evenness, the brightness of the dyes, and the texture of fibers.

Step 10: Prep for Delivery

When we completely restore the rug to actual condition, it’s time to deliver the rug. We will roll the rug carefully and send it back to your home. We also use thick brown paper to protect the rug from any damage. When our experts reach your home, they will place the rug in the room and complete the job.
Green Carpet Brooklyn is a trusted rug cleaning company in Brooklyn. From the time we receive your order, we professionally take care of the rug and make sure that you receive the best service. If you want to contact our professional team for rug inspection and cleaning, simply give us a call. Our experts will immediately visit your home for rapid inspection.

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