Home Disinfection

While you may be disinfecting high traffic areas of your house, it is still not enough. It is not possible for you to disinfect every inch of your house; imagine how many disinfectants it would take. It would cost you a lot and would be very exhausting.

Instead of taking up the tedious task of apartment disinfection, you can call Green Carpet Brooklyn to disinfect your home. Getting our home disinfection services will help you keep your family safe, healthy, and protected from COVID-19.

Disinfect Every Inch of Your House

We have a dedicated and skilled team to disinfect every inch of your house. We not only clean high-traffic areas of your house but also places that are hard to reach. Take it as a good opportunity to have all the tight spaces, furniture grooves, and minuscule details of your house disinfected.

We have several methods to sterilize the surfaces and important areas in your house. Our main focus is to sterilize the floors and surfaces of your home’s entrance, kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.

Our sterilizers are EPA-certified, which means that they are safe and non-toxic. Do let us know if you have pets in your house with allergies. Call us to get the best private property sterilization services.

Sanitizing Services

Disinfection and sterilization are necessary are keep you and your house safe during a pandemic. However, you have to maintain the regular sanitizing of your home. You can’t maintain good hygiene if your house has poor sanitation. If you are cautious about maintaining good sanitation, our services can be of great help.

Green Carpet Brooklyn uses exceptional sanitizing practices.  We adhere to standard protocols and provide 100% Eco-Friendly services.  With our help, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family remains safe and healthy.

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