Pet Stain Removal

Pet stain removal is one of the main reasons Brooklyn residents solicit our services. Green Carpet Brooklyn delivers each and every time, with green cleaning services that are safe for your home and everyone in it.
Call Green Carpet Brooklyn for pet stains in carpet and rugs. We can effectively remove the stain and the odors and harmful particles that go along with them.

Effect of Pet Stains on Carpet

Removing pet stains from carpet as quickly as possible is something we must emphasize. If urine, feces or vomit remains in your carpet fibers for even a few days, it can be extremely hard to remove.
Because pet accidents tend to be high in ammonia, these stains can discolor your carpet and actually break down the fibers if it is not removed. Pet stains are obvious eyesores, and they can also bring about some nasty odors. Combined, these effects are enough to convince anyone that a call to Brooklyn’s best carpet cleaners is in order!
However, by attempting to remove pet stains yourself, you could actually do more damage to your carpet or rug. You’re better off calling a professional team who can remove the stains and odors gently and thoroughly.

Removing Pet Stains and Odors

Carpet fibers have a wicking effect, so you can’t trust that a stain is truly gone just because you don’t see it on the surface. If the stain was not blotted immediately, it’s highly likely that some of it was absorbed all the way to the carpet backing, which means that it will reappear eventually as the stain redistributes through the fibers.
This will also leave pungent odors in your carpet. Even if you succeed in removing the stain, the odor can definitely remain. Only a certified, experienced carpet cleaning company can neutralize these odors while also removing the stain all the way to the base of the fibers.
Our eco-friendly deodorizers are capable of removing the odors associated with pet stains. They do not simply mask one smell with another…they completely remove pet odors!
Deodorizing your carpets is a good idea if you have pets in the home, even if they have not had any accidents. You’ll be amazed at how much fresher and cleaner your home will smell after your carpet has been deep cleaned!

Carpet Shampoo Service for Pet Stains

In many cases, Green Carpet Brooklyn recommends steam carpet cleaning, but pet stain removal is a little different.
Odors left behind by pet accidents are ammonia based, so using hot water and steam can actually set the stain even more permanently in your carpet fibers. Therefore, we recommend carpet shampooing for pet stains.
Customers who choose us because we are a green carpet cleaning company can rest assured that even our carpet shampoo services are eco-friendly – perfectly safe for the environment as well as your pets.

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