9x12 Area Rug Cleaning

9×12 area rugs are smaller carpets that you can install to improve the aesthetics of your home. These rugs are better than hardwood floors and tiles. The rugs come in different designs, textures, and colors. Unlike wall-to-wall carpets, you can place these rugs in a small area for a warm and soft feeling.

With time, the area rugs accumulate dust and dirt that cling between the fibers. In this case, you need to consult 9×12 area rug cleaning services. Green Carpet Brooklyn has a highly skilled team of professionals. They have years of experience in deep cleaning all types of rugs.

Did you know that carpets can hold more than four times of contaminants than the actual rug’s weight? They can build up contaminants such as dust mites, bacteria, and mold. These contaminants cling onto the fibers and cause various health issues including environmental allergies and asthma. That’s why it is highly important to keep your rug clean and contaminant-free.

Vacuuming is Not Enough

Now you might think that you already vacuum your rugs once a week. Well, that is not enough to eliminate harmful organisms from the fibers. Even if you get your rugs vacuumed every day, you can only remove the dirt and dust mites from the surface. Contaminants that slide inside will remain unharmed.

Therefore, it is highly important to consult a professional rug cleaning service for deep cleaning. A professional rug cleaning service in Brooklyn eliminates harmful bacteria and other contaminants from the rug.

Reasons Why You Should Clean the 9x12 Area Rug

Let’s learn how dirty rugs are dangerous:

1. Hygiene and Health

Rugs works as air filters in the house. They trap germs, dirt, and other harmful agents from the rug. These particles attract bugs, insects, and bacteria leading to infestation. If you won’t professionally clean the rugs, you must spend a huge amount on pest control. Germs and bugs cause various health problems such as skin infection and allergic reactions. You need to be cautious if you have children or asthma patients in your home.

Mold, dust, and pet hair accumulation in the rug can cause respiratory issues, stomach illness, as well as mental anguish. The problem is you cannot see these harmful microorganisms in the rug. Therefore, cleaning 9×12 area rugs at home is not an easy job. Instead, you need to contact a professional rug cleaning service in your neighborhood.

Green Carpet Brooklyn has highly trained rug cleaning technicians who carefully inspect the rug and choose the right technique for deep cleaning. In a deep cleaning, rug cleaning professional use advanced cleaning equipment and agents to remove contaminants clinging to the fibers.

2. Getting Rid of Stains

Liquid spills might easily get off from the rug when you immediately clean the spot with a dry cloth. But once, the fibers of the rugs soak the spillage, tapping the dry cloth won’t help. As a result, you will end up with a discolored stain.

A stain on the carpet affects the aesthetic look of an expensive rug. Keep in mind that the wrong treatment can even spread the stain. To completely remove the stain, you need to consult a professional rug cleaning service. They will restore the rug to its original condition.

3. Achieving Softness

If your rug is clean, you can feel the freshness and softness. Dust mites feed on rug fibers. This will negatively influence the softness over time. However, when you will hire a professional rug cleaning service, you can restore the original condition of the rug. A professional rug cleaning service will use chemical-free rug cleaning agents that will enhance the fiber quality and make them smooth and soft.

4. Preventing Molds

Rugs instantly accumulate mold and fungal elements, especially in cold and humid places. Rugs are warm and cozy from the center. When moisture enters between the fibers, molds get suitable temperatures to grow. However, when mold grows in the fibers, it triggers skin allergies. This causes various risks to people with sensitive skin. Regular cleaning won’t affect removing molds and other harmful contaminants from the fibers. Therefore, you need to consult with a professional rug cleaning team for restoration.

5. Maintain the Structure

Dust and sand accumulation deep inside the rug affects the rug shape. Microorganisms such as dust mites and bacteria chew on rug fibers. This causes wear and tear and lessens the fibers. Therefore, you should protect your rug from contaminates. Regular cleaning can help but it only removes the dust from the surface. That’s why professionals suggest that deep cleaning twice a year is necessary to protect the rug from critical damage.

How Professionals Rug Cleaning Service Can Help?

Here are step by step methods to clean the rug with a 9×12 area rug cleaning service provider

Step 1: Initial Inspection

When you contact Green Carpet Brooklyn for rug cleaning services, they will visit your home for rapid inspection. Our professional team will evaluate the damage and note down the issues. After inspection, they will carefully cover the rug to prevent scratch and tear. Once, they remove the 9×12 area rug from your home, they will clean under the furniture and floor surface.

Step 2: Follow Up Detailed Inspection

Once the rug reaches our facility, a professional technician will deeply inspect the rug for additional damage. They will re-measure the rug and write down the special needs, materials, and best cleaning method to clean the rug. During this step, the technician will also investigate the condition and material of the rug to make sure they use the right tools and agents.

Step 3: Compressed Air Dusting

Once the technicians list down the problems, they will use compressed air to remove dust and mites on the rug’s surface. The dry and cool air eliminates contaminants from both sides of the rugs. Compressed air dusting removes small dust particles from the rug that standard vacuum cleaners can’t remove.

Step 4: Clear Water Rug Cleaning

Before washing the rug, our technician will determine the amount of moisture and heat your rug can tolerate. Also, they will ensure whether the rug will maintain color vibrancy without dye bleeding. Then they will select the appropriate agent to rinse the rug to remove stains, odors, and stubborn dirt. If experts notice that the rugs bleed with water, they will choose alternative methods to clean the rug without damage. Keep in mind that our technicians perform this process by hand. They will wash the rug until they notice clean water running through the rug.

Step 5: Fresh Air Rug Drying

After cleaning the rug using natural agents and gentle rub, professionals will use an air pressure pipe to dry the rug. Depending on the rug material, they might also hang the rug in open air and sunlight to let the gravity do its work. They will determine the optimal drying method by close inspection.

Step 6: Rug Combing, Brushing, and Fluffing

When the rug dries, they will begin brushing and pile-fluffing technique for a soft and luxurious feel. The rug combining technique will make the rug fluffy and smooth. As a result, you will feel comfortable when you step your feet on the rug.

Step 7: Rug Fringe Cleaning and Grooming

When the rug gets dry after the rug combining and cleaning method, the technician will comb and trim the fringes. They will trim the fringe edges to beautifully restore the rug. After the final touch, the rug will look and feel vibrant, fresh, and restored. So, when you receive the rug, you have the same feeling as you get while purchasing the rug for the first time.

Step 8: Post Cleaning Vacuuming and Inspection

After grooming the rug, our team will inspect and vacuum the rug. If they notice any problem, they will repeat the above process. While inspecting, our inspection team will check the details from the notes from the initial inspection.

Step 9: Rug Fiber Protector

We also cover the rug with a fiber protector to prevent bug and moth infestation. Furthermore, the pad will protect the rug from spills and stains. However, we only install the fiber protector if we receive any request from you.

Step 10: Rug Delivery

After completing the rug restoration and cleaning process, we will deliver the clean and fresh rug to your doorstep. Also, we will place the rug at the location, so you don’t have to move the furniture and place the rug. We do everything to conveniently clean, restore, and repair, the rug.

Green Carpet Brooklyn is a professional 9×12 area rug cleaning service in your neighborhood. If you notice dust and sand build-up that won’t go away with regular vacuum cleaning, then you can consult our highly trained technicians.

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