Wool Rug Repair & Restoration

Services for repairing rugs should be reliable and competent. Your priceless wool rug’s quality cannot be compromised. Consequently, selecting Green Carpet Brooklyn is the wisest move. However badly damaged your rug may be. Our repair and restoration services will enhance your rug’s quality and beauty. Your priceless rug deserves the exceptional attention and top-notch restoration we provide.

Wool Rug Repair Process

Bring your wool rug to the rug repair and restoration center for various reasons. Wool rugs are pricey and require special maintenance. However, there are occasions when the rug starts to fade or lose its luster owing to various factors.
You cannot undo all of this damage on your own. To extend the life of your wool rug, it is crucial to use a professional rug repair service with a highly skilled crew. The procedure for fixing and restoring your wool rug is described below:

1. Fringe Repair
The extent of damage to your wool rug will be examined when you bring it to our treatment facility. In other circumstances, there are still a few knots supporting the base, which can keep your rug from disintegrating.

The group will secure the edges and fortify the base. The rug will be shielded from lasting harm by taking this action. However, if the fringes deteriorate, a professional will replace any missing tassels and mend any unraveling threads.

2. Color Restoration
An experienced rug restoration team will inspect the rug and identify the spots and patches for color restoration. To create a replica of the original rug, they will first locate the spots and then identify the precise dyes and hues. They’ll look for the cause of the color degradation.

First, they will use a proper cleaning procedure to remove the dirt and stains. Following a thorough cleaning, the rug will be manually colored using a spray and syringes. They’ll use spray paint for large surfaces and syringes for smaller ones. The rug painting artist will use the brush to restore the recovered rug to its original appearance for a proper finish.

3. Rug Reweaving
An experienced weaver will begin reweaving your rug by examining the knots. The weaving knots used in each type of rug are unique, and they should be aware of each kind of knot and how to reweave it and comprehend them. They will untie the fringes, sketch the pattern, and use weft and wrap to reproduce the rug.

After all the threads are pulled taut, they will tie them at the edge to create fresh fringes. Although the process is time-consuming, having your rug rewoven by a skilled weaver will give it new vitality.

4. Water Damage Repair
If you call a rug repair company, they will come to your house and look at the leak. There is no need to worry if your wool rug comes into contact with clear water. However, your rug needs rapid attention if exposed to black or grey water. An expert will first locate the areas where the harm is spreading. They’ll use an excellent tool to dry the rug once it has been wet.

The mold will spread throughout the rug if a professional isn’t called immediately. They will therefore remove extra water. After removing the water, workers will scan the area for damage indicators and reweave the affected region if any are found. The wool rug will then undergo steam cleaning for sanitization.

5. Moth Damage Repair
Wool rugs sustain a lot of damage because of moths. These insects surround wool carpets with their eggs because they feed on wool.

The restoration process will begin with a thorough washing of the rug by a qualified team. They will use hot water to remove the larvae and eggs from the fibers. Your wool rug will then undergo a steam cleaning for sanitization.

6. Blocking and Stretching
Moths do significant damage to wool rugs. These insects eat wool and have their eggs all around wool carpets.

A competent staff will thoroughly wash the rug to start the restoration procedure. They will use hot water to wash the larvae and eggs out of the fibers. The next step is steam washing for sanitization of your wool rug.

7. Overcasting & Stitching
The wool rug’s fringes can be hemmed back using the overcasting technique. This approach is necessary to address the tassels’ wearing-out issue. Weak fringes cause the rug to unravel when the knots start to get loose.

To restore the rug to its former state, a skilled rug repair staff will replace the fringes and tighten the threads. Due to heavy bleach washing and repeated foot traffic, the fringes start to deteriorate, and the rug unravels. The re-wrapping process will be challenging for the specialists due to delays in the procedure.

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