Rug Repair

So many colors, prices and prints to choose from – yes, finding the oriental rug of your dreams can be a huge task. You want something that fits your needs and is a quality piece. But once you find the one, maintaining it can be just as tall an order. Antique rug restoration and repair involves many details, which will be covered in this reading. Learn what to look for and the process of repairs!


This can happen easily through either movement of heavy furniture or everyday use. However it gets there, holes are a problem that should be dealt with before they get bigger and ruin the look of your carpet. To fix any tear damage, bring your rug in to one of our professionals. Not only will they make sure your entire carpet is in pristine condition, but they will match your material so that the repair is difficult to notice.


Small critters can get into the fibers of your rug and create chaos. To repair this, a thorough washing of your carpet will take place, as well as removing the moths or other bugs that have made themselves at home. We will make it our mission to ensure that no bug crosses your oriental carpet again. Our processes are many faceted and directly obliterate pests.


Most rugs will require some sort of fabric repair for their ends at one point or another. The best way to deal with fraying is to bring the problem to the experts. We will reweave and construct your rug’s sides with matching materials so that it looks good as new. You won’t even be able to tell where the damage was.


The process of cleaning an oriental rug is much more labor intensive than one would think. We will gently sweep and remove dust particles from your fabrics. Then, the washing begins, removing all mud and track traces. After, your rug will lay flat to dry, so no warping or curling occurs near the edges. Every few years you should bring your rug in to our experts to keep it looking like new.

As you can tell, there are many different aspects of antique rug restoration and repair. Our trained professionals understand that this is a delicate process, and will handle your carpet with a gentle touch. We offer not only the services mentioned above, but also fringe repair, water damage removal and more. Be sure to check out all our company can do to keep your oriental rug looking amazing.

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