Rug Cleaning
Fort Greene

Green Carpet Brooklyn supplies services of rug cleaning Fort Greene residents ask for by name. We’re one of the only green carpet cleaners in the Brooklyn area, and that has earned us a lot of respect in Fort Greene and many other communities.

Fort Greene is an attractive neighborhood with small residential homes mixed with a few large apartment buildings. Be aware when you go house shopping, you’ll pay a pretty penny to live here! The trade-off for high-priced homes is easy access to Fort Greene’s own ‘restaurant row,’ good schools and lots of history – not to mention a great community and proximity to the best carpet cleaners in Brooklyn!

Carpet Cleaning for Pet Stains

If you have an authentic Oriental rug, chances are that it was either a family heirloom or you paid a lot of money for it. In either case, we know that it’s something you’ll want to take very good care of for years to come.

So when your favorite furry friend has an accident on your valuable rug, the hopes of restoring it to like new condition can seem bleak. Enlist the help of a professional for Oriental rug cleaning Fort Greene pet owners can’t live without!

Pet stains are particularly hard for pet owners to deal with because urine and feces have enzymes in them that can break down the carpet fibers, causing weakness and discoloration – both of which can ruin the appearance and value of your rug.

Green Carpet Brooklyn recommends that you treat the accident as you would any other type of spill in the first few moments after it happens. Blot or remove as much of the material as possible, being careful not to scrub and push the stain deeper.

Do not use cleaners on a pet stain. Even if they are organic, they can interact badly with the products your professional carpet cleaning team uses.

How Often Should You Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

We’re an authority on rug cleaning Fort Greene needs, so it’s no surprise that people often ask us how regularly their carpets and rugs should be cleaned.

In all honesty, our methods are so gentle that you could have our services done two, three, or four times a year, and your carpets would be perfectly fine. However, we know that most people aren’t going to be that thorough!

The recommended time for most carpet and rug cleaning is 12 months. In a year, your home has endured all the seasons, from wet, sloshy snow to dirt and pollen. It makes sense to choose a convenient time of year and schedule yearly carpet cleaning.

We do have customers who wait longer between cleanings. If you have a rug that is in a seldom-used area, you could probably have it cleaned every 2 years and keep it in great shape.