Oriental Rug Cleaning

Green Carpet Brooklyn is a highly revered Oriental rug cleaning company known for fast service, excellent results, and environmentally responsible practices. We believe that giving customers what they expect and giving the environment the respect it deserves can go hand in hand!
Give us a try, and we’re confident that you’ll never need to look for another Brooklyn area carpet cleaning company!

Antique Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs can age gracefully with proper care. It isn’t surprising to see an antique rug that is 50 years old or more that is in pristine condition. But you have to know who to trust with its care and cleaning!
One way that Green Carpet Brooklyn cares for these delicate rugs is by using gentle, eco-friendly products and methods. For example, steam cleaning tends to be less taxing on the rug’s hand-woven fibers since there are no brushes involved.
Another way we ensure that your Oriental rug cleaning is done with the rug’s longevity in mind is by moving it back to our headquarters so that every inch can be cleaned all the way to the backing – and including the fringe, of course – without disturbing the rest of your home. Having adequate space to lay the rug out also speeds up the drying process.
As a rug ages, its value will remain the same (or even increase in value!) as long as it is taken care of. Complete care includes regular cleaning as well as occasional repair services.

Persian and Oriental Rugs in High Traffic Areas

You have every right to show off that beautiful Persian or Oriental rug, without the worry of damages or stains! Placing an expensive rug in a high traffic area may seem like you’re taking a big gamble, but if you have a team like Green Carpet Brooklyn on your side, it’s a safe bet!
We know that you love looking at your Oriental rug – a true work of art – every day, so we’ll help you maintain its beauty for many years.
Rugs that are placed in busy areas like the living room can get soiled in certain areas more than others. If a corner of the rug is hidden by furniture, it will stay as clean as it was the day you brought it home, while the parts the see the most traffic will get squished down and dirty from shoes or even socks and bare feet.
Therefore, you need to have the rug cleaned regularly to fluff up the flattened areas and loosen dirt particles before they get ground in and cause damage to the hand woven rug fibers.

Oriental Rug Care You Can Do at Home

To be clear, we never recommend that rug owners attempt Oriental rug cleaning on their own, even with organic carpet cleaners like the ones we use. There are too many variables in the cleaning process, and you’re almost guaranteed to get less-than-expected results.
However, there are a few things you can do to make sure your Oriental rug is cared for the best way possible on a day-to-day basis:

  • Vacuum it regularly, avoiding the fringe, which can get caught inside your vacuum cleaner and destroy the entire rug. Fringe repair is time consuming and expensive!
  • Rotate it a few times a year if parts of it are exposed to sunlight. Those areas that are covered by furniture will be as vibrant as the day the rug was woven, but areas that are exposed to sunlight daily will fade over time.
  • On a side note, rotating the rug also gives you a chance to inspect it for moth damage or hidden stains.
  • Spot clean immediately by absorbing liquids with a white towel or cloth. Don’t underestimate the severity of a stain, whether it’s a spilled beverage or a pet accident. Get an Oriental rug cleaner out as soon as possible to remove the stain. 

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