Kashmir Rug Cleaning

Unveiling Kashmir's Beauty: Expert Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn

One of the most unique rugs which can be considered Indian royalty is the Kashmir Rugs. These Rugs originate from the Northernmost part of India. Luckily, like the main Indian rugs, these rugs also incorporate a lot of handmade effort. These Kashmir rugs are also made from natural materials like wool, silk, or even a combination of the two.These handmade rugs are famous and valued for their saturated and highly bright colours, and the most intelligent use of the floral or flower patterns that is unique in every single Kashmir rug, thus giving every rug a different personality.Such a prized possession must be cleaned with extra attention given to preserving the longevity of the natural fibres being used. Thankfully, here at Green Carpet Brooklyn, we especially provide services to clean your valued Kashmir Rugs.

Extending the Beauty and Durability of Your Kashmir Rugs

The Kashmir Rugs can become subject to becoming dirty even when they are being used carefully as wall hanging. This is because the air pollution present inside your home, and the dust particles can travel and become a stick to the Kashmir rug’s material and decolorize it significantly. You might not know that dust particles are acidic and can cause the wearing and falling away of the natural particles that are used in the fibres and baking of your Kashmir Rugs. The Kashmir Rugs can also become subject to dirt when considering the footprints dirt and filth that they can trap from your pets. Thankfully, it’s quite a carefree thing when placing your trust in Green Carpet Brooklyn. This is because of the safer and healthier practices that we perform on your Kashmir Rugs when you place your trust in us. We provide:
  • Safe and sound approaches to cleansing your Kashmir Rugs
  • Safe and sound cleaning methods.
  • Trained professionals who have prior experience in successfully cleaning the Kashmir Rugs
It is important to know that cleaning a natural material such as wool or silk is one of the more demanding procedures that require utmost attention. The Kashmir Rug in this regard must be cleansed completely and made free of filth and dirt that it has collected over time. Not to mention that we also have to take care of the sensitive material that is being used in the Kashmir Rugs. Green Carpet Brooklyn is a confident bunch of people who know how to deal with the Kashmir Rugs most securely and cost-effectively. Thus, we must be your ideal choice when it comes to providing the best value for your money.


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