Carpet Moth Proofing

The infestation of moths is quite common these days. Carpet fibers are rich in keratin molecules that moths love to feed on. The carpet is completely damaged as the moths feed on these molecules and chew through the fabrics. Bare and ugly patches on your carpet are an indication of a moth infestation. Place Green Carpet Brooklyn a call as soon as possible to prevent your carpets and area rugs from succumbing to a moth invasion. Green Carpet Brooklyn aims to please, and you can rest assured that no one does carpet moth proofing better than us.

Carpet Moth Proofing

It is essential to have moth proofing carpets and area rugs at your home so that you do not run the risk of carpet moth infestation. Nowadays, carpets sold in the market are already moth proofed when you purchase them. However, any old carpet or area rug in your home has to be individually treated so that it is not susceptible to moths.

Carpet moth proofing procedure involves applying a moth repellant solution to the area rug or carpet. This solution comprises a key ingredient that makes the keratin molecules impossible to digest. As moths feed on keratin for their nutrients, treating your carpet with this moth proofing solution keeps the moths and all the other insects at bay. Also, carpet manufacturers encourage people to purchase organic repellant solutions if they are doing the carpet moths proofing themselves. Organic solutions keep you out of harm’s way and pose no risk to Mother Risk as well. Furthermore, moth proofing carpets have a longer life span compared to those that are not moth proofed.

Green Carpet Moth Proofing

Recently, there is a lot of focus on organic and eco friendly solutions whether it is carpet cleaning or some other job. Green Carpet Brooklyn is a very reputed name in the carpet treatment industry as we ensure that all of our moths repellant solutions used on carpets are non-toxic and do not adversely affect the environment. This is referred to as green carpet moth proofing.

Alternately, you can also make your own natural moth repellant solutions to treat your carpets at home. Such solutions usually include oils of natural materials like lavender, rosemary, and cider. Such natural products are very effective for carpet moth proofing, and they do not harm the environment as well.

Although using natural solutions yourself is very popular, it is always in your best interest to seek assistance from a professional company for this purpose as they provide more effective results.

Green Carpet Brooklyn is a prime example of such a company that not only treats a carpet but also inspects it every five years from the date of treatment to make sure that the moth proofing solution is still working perfectly.

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