Rug Moth Damage Repair & Restoration

Moth attacks are a common reason for the carpet damages. These pests can damage the entire look of your carpet and harm the structure.

Therefore, it is necessary to think on your feet to get rid of moths as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is by getting the services of Green Carpet Brooklyn. Our experts have the right skills for rug moth damage repair & restoration.

Larvae damage the carpet by eating up the fabrics of the carpet. Since they prefer eating up wool, Oriental rugs can be vulnerable to moth damages. The common reason behind moth damage is because of leaving your carpet in a damp place for too long.

Nevertheless, with methods such as moth proofing, we can get your rug back into its original shape. The first step that we require from your side is the early identification of moths in your carpet.

How to Identify the Warning Signs of Moth Damage?

When it comes to Oriental rug care, prevention from a moth is a key component that the owners need to look out for. One of the most important things to save your carpet from moth damages is early identification of this problem.

It is not just the carpet that the moths will cause damage to, but any furniture with cotton or other natural fabrics. Therefore, stopping it at an early stage will save your entire home from infestation.

While adult moths do not feed on the carpet, it is the larvae that eat up the wool inside the carpet. Wool is a main element that you can find in the foundation of your rugs. These pesky insects cause damage to the foundation, which destroys the entire structure of the carpet.

While you can go for some remedies at home for the rug moth damage repair & restoration, it is optimal to take the help of professional cleaning services. With the right tools and processes, they know how to eliminate this problem from the root cause.

In addition, the damaged parts of the rug will need reweaving and repairs as well. So, you can choose to go for a Green Carpet Brooklyn to help you clean the carpet as well as repair the damages resulting from the moth infestation.

Signs to look out for to Identify Moth Damage

Although it is a bit difficult to catch moths and larvae from the naked eye, special attention to the carpet can reveal some signs. During your Oriental rug care and cleaning process, check whether your carpet has any of these signs.

If you find one, you need to contact a professional cleaner before the larvae damage the entire carpet. Here is what your need to look out for:

  • Bare spots, holes, or empty piles throughout your carpet
  • Presence of moths, larvae, or any eggs
  • Elements which resemble with sand in the fibers or the fringes of your carpet.

How do I Fix the Moth Damages in My Carpet?

Oriental carpets are a very unique and aesthetic home decor item. It is an unpleasing sight for the owners to see the damages on such a precious item. So, to help you out, we have a robust process to get your carpet free from moths and other infestations.

There are two steps that are involved in making your carpet look good as new. The first step is about repairing the rugs for all the damages due to the moths. The second step focuses on the proofing of the carpet to save it from any future moth attacks.

Moth Damage Repair

The first step is fixing all the damages that are being caused by the larvae. Identifying the damages can be a challenging task. It takes an expert to find out all the areas which the larvae eat up. Our experts have years of experience when it comes to rug moth damage repair & restoration.

We begin the repair process by making new wefts and warps. These are vertical and horizontal strips to tie the knots around each other. We then fill the empty spaces throughout the carpet by adding new wools in these knots to give it a new look.

All of this process requires years of training and experience. Our craftsmen have to make the correct choice in selecting the right threads with the appropriate color so it sits well with the entire pattern of the carpet.

It is a time-consuming and expensive procedure as well. Therefore, early identification can help you prevent large-scale damage to your carpet and save your money as well.

Moth Proofing

The next step of your process is really important, as it prevents your carpet from any damages by moths in the future. The moth proofing process is all about eliminating moths from your carpet once and for all.

The moth proofing process begins by placing your oriental rug under the sunlight. Moths grow and like to stay in a place where there is low humidity, darkness, and coolness in the area. It is why you should avoid putting your carpets in such areas from the start.

By upsetting their habitat in the carpet’s fibers, we get them to move out the carpet. The next step entails thorough cleaning of the rugs using the moth-repellant solution. It will drive out the remaining larvae and moths in the carpet.

The last part of the moth proofing process is drying the carpet over 1000°F. As a result, it will eliminate moths, larvae, and seeds from the rug. We will then clean the entire rug to remove any moth infestation and debris from the carpet.

After completely drying up the carpet again, we will hand it over to you with the same shine and appearance as a brand new one. With our hand-weaving restoration techniques, you won’t be able to find any of the damages on the carpet.

Prevention from Future Moth Infestation and Damages

It is necessary to take some steps that will prevent your carpet from moth or other insect infestation in the future. There are simple things that you can do for the Oriental rug care and protection from insects.

  • Vacuum your Carpet Regularly

Keeping the carpet clean is the best way to make sure no eggs or insects are living in the fibers of your carpet. It is especially important for your carpets, such as Oriental rugs that are made from wools as they attract moths and larvae.

It is best to clean your rugs from time to time rather than daily. Vacuuming the rugs too often can damage the fibers. Also, it is beneficial to clean the wool of the carpet with the help of a professional cleaner after a couple of years.

  • Avoid Keeping Rugs in Dark Places

Moths tend to build a habitat in an area which dark and cold. So, if your carpet is in storage or a room that doesn’t receive much sunlight, it is prone to moths and infestations.

Moving the carpet around after some time can help it not to become a home for the moths. With regular changes in the humidity, atmosphere, and temperature, the moths will be unable to find a breeding ground.

  • Get the Services of a Professional Cleaner

Last but not least, getting the services of a professional rug cleaning company for the maintenance of your carpet saves it from the moths and other damages. The cleaners can easily identity moth infestation during the cleaning of the carpets.

They can use methods such as moth proofing at an early stage to eliminate the moths from causing structural damage to your carpet.

  • Use a Moth Ball

An exceptional way to keep moths away from your carpet is by using a mothball. These balls emit vapors that kill any larvae, moths, or eggs in your carpet’s fringes, fibers, or sides.

However, there is one drawback of using mothballs. The balls are poisonous for humans and animals as well, so if you have any children or pets in the house, keep them away from them as they might eat the balls.

  • Don’t Place it Under Furniture

Sometimes other furniture can become the reason for the infestation of the carpet. If you have furniture such as sofas, beds with cotton covering, keep them away from the rug.

The moths can turn their attention to the carpet. The same case can happen if the carpet has moths and they can look to infest your sofas or beds.

Final Takeaway

We hope you now have a comprehensive understanding of the prevention of moths in your carpet. Prevention is a critical component of Oriental rug care.

It can save you thousands of dollars and the hassle of going for the rug moth damage repair & restoration services. Follow these simple steps in the article, and your carpet will be safe from any infestation. It will retain the same look and appearance throughout its life.

And if you need help regarding the cleaning or repairing of your carpet, Green Carpet Brooklyn is here to help. Our years of experience in the file enable us to deliver the best services to our clients using the latest tools and techniques.

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