Silk Rug Repair & Restoration

Among all rug varieties, silk rugs radiate luxury and refinement. Instead of spreading them across a room’s floor, many people hang them on walls. Any living space is made to feel more opulent by silk rugs. To preserve and restore the appearance, feel, and aesthetic appeal of your carpets, Green Carpet Brooklyn’s skilled team of experts provides the best silk rug repair and restoration services.

We take the necessary attention to address your silk rug’s repair requirements and offer sufficient rug care. Additionally, we have the tools, cutting-edge technology, experience, and knowledge needed to repair and restore any rug, including silk carpets.

Silk Rug Repair Process

Because of their sensitivity, silk carpets are more likely to sustain costly damages than wool rugs, which typically last longer and are more robust. Even though the damage may seem irreparable, we take pleasure in our ability to repair and restore your pricey carpeting.

1. Fringe Repair
At Green Carpet Brooklyn, we use various techniques to fix frayed and damaged fringes. We gently untie the fringe knots and then re-tie them. Without harming the base, our professionals polish the tassels.

2. Color Restoration
A rug restoration crew will choose the critical areas for dye needs after cleaning to eliminate debris, excess moisture, dirt accumulation, or stains. Syringes are the finest tool for coloring or dying little regions. However, experts may use airbrushes to ensure uniform color if your silk rug has numerous faded parts.
In fact, at Green Carpet Brooklyn, we perform color restoration for silk carpets with complicated motifs and patterns using pointed and precise airbrushes. The price of restoring the texture, hues, and gloss of your silk rug will also depend on the size of the rug, the dye/color area, and the color restoration technique.

3. Rug Re-weaving
Before beginning, the repairer will select a silk yarn with the proper color and texture for the reweaving procedure. If they locate similar colors, the re-knitting of the warps and weft may appear comfortable and unnatural. Remember, the silk rug was handwoven using a handloom.
When repairing significant damage, the professionals at Green Carpet Brooklyn employ methods that keep the original structure and knots intact. We trim the rug to ensure continuity in the material and the structure following the hand-weaving procedure.

4. Water Damage Repair
People who live in places prone to water seepage, ceiling leaks, and, more significantly, flood water frequently worry about water damage. If you find water damage within 48 hours, you can clean the silk rug at home. However, if the damage is brought on by contaminated water, handling the situation on your own can be challenging. In this situation, you must engage professionals to get the rug back to its original state.
Our team of professionals at Green Carpet Brooklyn thoroughly evaluates the degree of water damage. The rug deterioration risk may be substantial in cases of greywater contamination, and the specialists may advise starting a restoration process immediately. We use cutting-edge technology to restore your silk rug, from assessment to fungal cleaning, drying to steaming, sanitizing to deodorizing.

5. Moth Damage Repair
When moths lay their eggs on rugs, the resulting larvae begin to harm the rugs by growing by feeding on their fibers. You should be aware that moth attacks on silk rugs are uncommon. However, moth damage can be excruciatingly uncomfortable because it might necessitate expensive repairs and impair the rug’s beauty. Sometimes the larvae consume vast sections of the rugs.
It is, therefore, best to use expert silk repair and restoration services. Our group will start repairing the damaged parts by reweaving them, and it takes skill to clean the knots and threads and tie the knots in the same way. Additionally, they will employ complementary materials to preserve the color, texture, and design.

6. Blocking and Stretching
Rug blocking and stretching call for knowledge, tools, and gear. Professionals will first hang your silk rugs on a board, checking all the corners for proper edges and angles. For three to four days, they might leave the rug blocked.
The rug will be brushed to make it smoother before being rolled from the edges by our team. The experts will lay heavy materials to flatten the carpets and eliminate wrinkles and curls after repeatedly repeating the operation. While the procedure could take several days, it will guarantee that all wrinkles are removed.

7. Overcasting & Stitching
Your silk rug’s knots may start to unravel, which could cause the rug to unravel and harm the whole thing. You will require professional rug repair and restoration services to stop the damage by utilizing the overcasting and stitching procedure.
They tighten the threads and fix the fringes, knots, and other damage. The silk rug’s ends are then stitched with material by our skilled weaver. They guarantee the stitching is hidden and guard against tearing and wear damage.

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