How to Get Rid of Moths in Oriental Rugs

Do you have a lovely oriental carpet that you long to keep in the family for generations? This can be difficult if it is full of pesky moths. It may take some time and attention, but saying goodbye to moths does not have to be difficult. Read the following paragraphs to gain more information on this subject, and to find out how to get rid of moths in oriental rugs, before they become a bigger problem in your home or office space.


The best way to begin is to be sure that your carpet contains moths. ABC Oriental Rug states both some obvious, and less apparent, ways to know. If you can see live bugs in the air around the carpet, it has a moth problem. Another way is if there are some bits of fabric laying on the rug- this means that the material is being eaten away. There will be other noticeable signs, as well, such as baby moths beneath the carpet. Now that you know they are present, you can begin the elimination process.


There are a few different methods for dealing with the clean-up of moths. Rug Rag claims that the very best way to remove all traces of them is to vacuum, and vacuum some more. Keep in mind that you will need to use various kinds of vacuums to get the job done, from a regular one on both the sides, to a machine that is designed to pull up more from the material. Always be careful if the fabric is delicate! Another great idea provided by ABC, is to simply find an insect removing chemical that is capable of destroying the moths. You will of course, want one that is safe for use, and does not contain any harmful air pollutants. You can use either of these concepts or both, if you feel it necessary for your carpet.


Once you’ve gotten rid of the bugs, the last thing you want is to have to deal with them again. To make sure that incident does not occur, ABC tells us that keeping them clean is the best way to ensure safety. And of course, the very best thing that can be done, is to have a professional team handle any moth issues that come up with your oriental rug. Regular appointments for purification, allowing experts to handle any necessary reworking of the fabric, and careful inspection from you will allow your carpet to last many years.