How to Choose the Right Rugs for Different Rooms?

Need help choosing the right type of carpet that will help enhance and enlighten the features of your room? With the help of this article, you will need to look no further and get the answers you need for your carpet-buying journey.

Lets learn more about whether a rug would fit best or a carpet, the features to consider when choosing the right carpet, and the many forms of carpets suited for the rooms in the house.

Rugs or Carpets?

Let’s settle the debate on what is better for your house, rugs or carpet.

Both of these are essentially the same. The only difference is that rugs are smaller than carpets; carpets can be as large as the room is and can fit up any furniture or object over it. Rugs are much easier to take care of as their maintenance cost is lower than large carpets.

For smaller rooms, a rug may look much nicer and more sophisticated than carpets, which may take over the entire room and make the space look smaller. The rugs have an advantage in making the room look bigger and much livelier.

Factors Affecting the Choice of Carpet

Make sure to consider these factors before making the final decision.

  1. Size of the Carpet
    The size of the carpet helps in deciding what looks best in your room. It should be a manageable size, not too small for it to get lost in the room and its furniture and not too big that it takes up all the space in the room.
    It should be the right size which helps express the rooms aesthetic.
    If used in a seating area, the front two legs of the sofa being kept over the edge of the carpet and not outside the border or inside the border of the carpet; will match the room’s aesthetics.
    You can use multiple rugs to segregate a large room.
    If used under the dining area, the space needs to be enough for the chairs to fit inside the carpet’s border.
    The carpet space in the bedrooms should be halfway under the bed.
  2. Durability
    Due to lots of foot traffic, the quality of the carpet should be good enough to withstand the number of times it is stepped on. It will help prevent the threads of the carpet fabric from splitting through the foot traffic.
    You can test the quality of the carpet fabric by bending it backward, which the backing shows. You will wear it out much faster than any other low-density fabric carpet. The requirement for the fabric of the carpet should be of a density of 2000 or higher.
  3. Material
    The material of a carpet is necessary to ensure that the aesthetics and feel of the carpet matches the features of the room itself. Some examples of the materials are:
    • Polyester
    The polyester material is a natural strain-resistant carpet fabric that feels cushy when stepped on. It is harder to clean. It sheds and doesn’t necessarily last long in everyday use.
    • Triextra
    Triextra is made from corn sugar. It is highly stain-resistant and highly resilient.
    • Nylon
    It is the most resistant of all types of fabric but requires a strain-resistant spray regularly.
    • Olefin
    Olefin resists staining, mildew, and fading. It is cost-effective but less durable than its nylon counterpart.
  4. Pile and Style
    The carpet’s cut or shape will help define your room’s aesthetics. Pile is when the cut of the carpet is uncut and looped with differences being created by the loops of the rug, forming over itself makes it look plush and the patterns of the pile helps it getting styled better.
    Moreover, the style indicates the texture of the carpet itself, ranging from smooth, twisted, textured, or shagged. Each style gives off looks that range from casual to fancy depending on the density of the patterned loop.
  5. Cleaning
    Whether you should have carpets in your house is answered by the care you provide for them. It matters which aspect of maintenance you can keep up with to ensure the carpet quality remains the same. For easier to clean carpets, a vacuum and bug repellant spray work fine but for larger carpets, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service works best.
  6. Softness
    When required to sit on the carpet, as many families do, the softness of the carpet matters the most. Whether your family likes sitting on soft or rough materials entirely depends on the people in the house and the aesthetics portrayed by the carpet.
  7. Color
    Choosing the color of the rug comes entirely from the subjective aspect of this choice. If your room has a lot of blocks/natural woods accents, it would be appreciated with white or lighter accents of rugs. A patterned rug would look the best if the house had lighter objects.
  8. Culture
    You can choose specific patterns of carpets from cultural backgrounds as well. Using heavily patterned carpets in your house can help in creating a vibe and feel for the specific room.

Type of Carpets in Different Spaces

Now let’s discuss the different options you have

  • Living Room Carpets
    Living room carpets are mostly used as large square shapes to fit the best with furniture around them.
  • Entrance Mats
    Entrance mats can be small, concise, and decorated with bold lettering or patterns to welcome people into the house.
  • Dining Room Carpets
    Dining room carpets can be placed under the dining table, giving a form of platform to the dining table itself, allowing guests to sit within its vicinity and give off a good look to the eyes.
  • Hallway Carpets
    Hallways carpets can be elongated and textured to the feel of the foot traffic over them.
  • Bedroom Carpets
    Bedroom carpets can be of any shape and fit the room’s aesthetics, from monotone colors to specific designs and shapes; they can highlight the room’s accent.
  • Bathroom Mats
    Bathroom mats can be made of silicone or plastic to avoid water being absorbed into them and help avoid mold being formed by the effectiveness of water is dried up instead.
  • Carpets for Stairs and Landing
    Carpets on landings and stairs can help the grip of the stairs to be stronger, avoiding any chances of falling or slipping on the stairs.


You can choose various types of carpets depending on your specific needs. Take your time in identifying the shape, size, and pattern of the carpets that you believe would fit best in your house.
If you notice a change in the appearance and texture of carpets or require special carpet cleaning services, contact GreenCarpetBrooklyn to hire a professional services team to help you clean, repair, or replace any carpet in your house.