What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Carpet Moths?

It’s quite troublesome when you spot carpet moths loitering around your room; it creates a sense of an unclean room environment. Using toxin mothballs and chemical sprays can further raise the risks and dangers of ruining your precious carpet.

By taking the help of homemade remedies, your allowing yourself to clean carpets with organic solutions. By taking the help of a professional carpet cleaning company, you are ensuring that the carpet is cleaned thoroughly and pest-free with minimal damage to the carpet.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the damages that occur when a carpet moth infestation is ignored for too long and what kind of cleaning methods can help ensure that there is no possibility of future infestations.

What Kind of Damages Can Carpet Moths Do To Your Carpets?

Carpet moths are common infestation in houses where carpets present themselves as their breeding grounds.

It can be an expensive seeking help which can cost you intensively by damaging your carpets in the long term. Carpet moths eat the fibers and create cuts along the carpet and can move on to other fiber-related items in your home. Treating them at an early stage is necessary to avoid such damages.

How to Identify Them?
you can describe the presence of a carpet moth as such:

  • Carpet moths are smaller than the common household moth.
  • Carpet moths are brown colored with three identifying dots on their wings.
  • They usually don’t fly around the house; instead, they hop around to get from one place to another.
  • They lay eggs in the shape of grains of rice along the carpet crevasses.

Life Cycle of Carpet Moths
They complete their lifecycle from larvae to an adult carpet moth in those 2 months and live for as long as 2 years. They thrive in areas where there is a high level of humidity.
Most of the time, the home’s heating and insulation system make the perfect environment for the moths to grow and thrive. It’s only in winter when you notice a lack in a population of carpet moths due to the slow development stages of the carpet moth larvae.

How to Check For Moth Infestation?
The threadbare patches on your rugs or carpet in the dark or unlit room have the most infestation of carpet moth’s larvae.

What Kind Of Damage Do Moths Cause?
Carpet moths create holes and cut through the fabric of rugs and carpets, creating unappealing assortments of holes done by chewing carpet moths. The chewing of fabric by carpet moths can further increase the cost of repairing or replacing the items.
You can avoid all the money you’ll have to invest into the repair or replacement of carpet moths destruction if you take action on the early signs of carpet moths infestation.

Fastest Way to Get Rid Of Carpet Moths

To ensure the removal of carpet moths before they end up destroying your household products, here are two methods to eliminate the infestation of carpet moths.

Natural Home Remedies
The first idea to clean the infestation of carpet moths will be natural home remedies, not only due to their lower cost but also to protect your carpet from damage by strong harmful chemicals.
Here are a few methods through which you can clean carpet moth infestations from your carpets:

  • Extensive Vacuuming And Use Of Anti-Moth Sprays
    This method can be formed into a process, the use of a vacuum can help get rid of any food traces stuck in the carpet, and the use of moth repellant spray can add a protective layer over the carpet from any future moth infestation. This method is a cost of the effective method than other alternatives.
  • Cedar Chips
    By placing cedar chips on the carpet, you can use it as a natural moth repellant product to help avoid future moth infestations.
  • White Vinegar
    Making white vinegar and water solution can help improve the repellant layer on the carpet. Carpet moths aren’t a fan of the acidic nature of the vinegar mixture.
    You can spray equal amounts of water and white vinegar directly onto the infected areas, such as carpets, drawers, and cupboards; it can be applied directly onto any form of fabric as well, but it’s better to avoid spraying this mixture onto suede or silk fabrics.
  • Mint
    Using sachets of dried mint leaves, you can place damped cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil around the house as much as needed. The decline in the minty smell around the house can also be used as an indicator to re-apply the mint oil or mint leaves around the house.
  • Lavender
    Lavender oil or lavenders can be put into a bag and spread around the house to prevent carpet moths from infesting your house.

Green Steam Carpet Cleaning

If the natural home remedies don’t work, the carpet cleaning service can budge in and help you out by professionally cleaning the carpets from carpet moth infestations.
We at GreenCarpetBrooklyn, use a natural and effective solution for carpet moths. Reach out to us to ensure that your carpet will be carpet-moth-free for months. The biggest benefit of this service is that professional methods are used to care for your carpet, and You will not delete its quality.
The use of less water and no harsh chemicals help in providing a service that will be cost-effective and environmentally friendly to ensure the best care for your carpets.

Things to Avoid

Here are a few things to avoid when it comes to getting rid of carpet moths from your household:

  • It would help if you did not spray alcohol on surfaces due to the risk of staining.
  • Disposal of food particles or traces around the house should be necessary to avoid infestations or fungus.
  • Avoid placing flypaper as it will attract moths.


To conclude, you should clean out the removal of carpet moth infestation professionally to avoid situations where the cost of removal or repair of the carpet would exceed your budget in caring for the carpet.
If you’re looking for an experienced team to provide professional service, contact GreenCarpetBrooklyn to ensure you get the quality of your carpet back and remove any future instances of receiving carpet moth infestations.