How to Get Rid of Moth Larvae Naturally

Pesticides are commonly used to eliminate the presence of moth larvae in your house. However, several health hazards are associated with using such toxic products, such as respiratory diseases and rashes on the skin. Fortunately, there are several alternative natural steps that you can take that are not only effective at killing moth larvae but also pose no threat to you or the environment.

How to Naturally Get Rid of a Moth Larvae Invasion in Your Wardrobe?

  • Vacuum frequently to remove any moth larvae feeding on the carpets in your house.

  • Thorough wash all articles of clothing which have been affected by the moth larvae. The washing should be done at a high temperature. You can also stash the clothes in the freezer for a couple of days to kill any moth eggs. Extensively clean all the wardrobes and cupboards with a water and vinegar solution.

  • You can also purchase a natural moth spray or concoct your own natural repellant that gives off a very pleasant scent. Place dried cloves, thyme, or lavender in a small satchel and put them in your drawers and wardrobe. These herbs are also available in an oil form. This oil can be sprayed on infected clothes and areas and is very effective at repelling moth larvae.


Naturally Treat a Moth Larvae Infestation in Your Kitchen

  • Be sure to keep your kitchen well ventilated

  • Purchase a natural kitchen repellant

  • You have to act immediately if you observe a sticky secretion in the food drawers, webbing in any of the corners, or can see the casings of the moth larvae. Discard all the infected food items and clean the food cupboards extensively.

  • Moths and larvae like to feed on and lay their eggs in rice and grains, so be very cautious when using these edibles. Any open jars or containers of these items should be immediately discarded.

How to naturally prevent moth larvae from infesting your clothing items?

  • Wash your clothes before you store them anywhere as moth larvae are drawn to hair strands and body oil left on the clothing items

  • Make sure you use hangers made from cedar to you hang all your clothes. Cedar is very effective at repelling moth larvae. You can also place cedar block in the pockets of the clothing items
  • Store all your clothes in an airtight plastic bag.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

This the best alternative to chemical products like toxic balls and pesticides that are often used to clean rugs and carpets.

Be sure to reach out to Green Carpet Brooklyn to get your carpets professionally and naturally cleaned. Green Carpet Brooklyn is known for using non-toxic products for cleaning purposes. These products comprise organic compounds that are eco-friendly and do not release any injurious chemicals. Green cleaning for moth larvae does not damage the fabrics of the carpets as opposed to using powerful chemical pesticides. Moreover, no chemical odors pervade the air after the process of organic carpet cleaning is over.