How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths Naturally

Toxic mothballs and chemical sprays are an effective means of killing carpet moths. However, if you are inclined to go for a natural solution, then its best to stay away from such products that pollute the entire house. Eliminating carpet moths naturally is not only good for your carpet, but it is favorable for the environment as well.

Green Steam Carpet Cleaning

Green steam carpet cleaning is the most effectual natural solution for carpet moths. For this purpose, you should reach out to Green Carpet Brooklyn at once. They are a very professional and reputed professional service who excel at carpet moth removal. The biggest benefit of getting your carpet steam cleaned is that the procedure uses less water and comprises no harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. Moreover, the colors of your carpet are preserved as well, and no ugly marks are left behind.

Natural Home Remedies for Carpet Moths

It is a common misconception that carpet moths are only present in carpets. Wardrobes and cupboards are popular breeding grounds for these moths that are also called clothes moths. Proven natural home remedies against these pests include but are not limited to:

Immerse cotton balls in lavender oil or fill small bags with dried lavender. Place these in your drawers and closets. Lavender might have a lovely scent, but they are very repellant to carpet moths

Cedarwood is a very popular and effective moth repellant that people have in their homes. People are known to buy cedar-lined wardrobes and closets so that they can keep pests like carpet moths at bay. You can grab some cedar blocks from a grocery store and place them wherever needed.

Bear in mind that cedar tends to lose its scent with time. Buy a cedar oil bottle and then apply it to the wood to get the scent back. This scent acts as a repellant to the moths.

Mint Leaves
Mint leaves are another efficient repellant against carpet moths. How this works is that you place a few loose leaves among your clothing items to keep the moths away. Peppermint oil is an excellent alternative to mint leaves. Apply a couple of drops to a cotton ball and place it in the corner of your wardrobe. Apply more peppermint oil when its smell starts to diminish. You must do this as it is the scent of the mint leaves that repels carpet moths.

What Not to do In Case of a Carpet Moth Infestation

  • Avoid spraying alcohol in your cupboards to kill the moths. Alcohol can stain your clothes and other items inside.
  • Do not forget to dispose of the contaminated food particles in the garbage as they invite more fungus
  • Do not leave the flypaper that attracts carpet moths in your wardrobe or drawers overnight. This is because the flypaper attracts other moths and small insects.